Prefbeton Employers' Organization of Prefabricated Concrete Producers

The purpose of the employer organization of precast concrete manufacturers is:

  • Promotion of precast concrete products;
    Representation, support and defense of technical, economic and legal interests related to the trade and industry of precast concrete products;
    Developing and encouraging cooperation in the scientific, technical and standardization field;
    Stimulating contacts between specialists in the country.

The main activities carried out by the employers’ organization of the manufacturers of prefabricated concrete are:

  • studying and adopting the most appropriate measures to solve problems of interest to members, in accordance with the purpose and objectives of the Organization;
  • representation of members in international bodies to which the organization is affiliated;
  • organizing conferences, symposia, debates, seminars, exhibitions regarding the sector of precast concrete producers;
  • publication and editing of studies, publications and technical-informative materials regarding the results of research in the field of precast concrete, internally and internationally;
  • collaborations with natural and legal persons, economic or research units, design, education, etc., for the realization of some technical, economic or other interests of the members;
  • participation by representatives in domestic and international manifestations of interest for the field of activity;
  • participation in the coordination and management structures of the programs with the European Union.

The objectives of the employers’ organization of the manufacturers of prefabricated concrete are:

  • Representation of members in the promotion, support and defense of professional, technical, economic and legal interests in relation to the Government of Romania, the Parliament of Romania and other institutions of central and local public administration or any other bodies, internally and internationally;
  • Issuing advisory opinions for initiating and promoting the proposals of normative acts for the regulation of the activity in the sector of interest of the manufacturers of precast concrete;
  • Organizing or contributing to the organization of congresses, conferences, seminars, meetings and study visits;
  • Elaboration and dissemination or contributions to the elaboration and dissemination of scientific, technical and promotional documents, in writing or in electronic format;
  • Financing or contributions to financing, studies or scientific and / or technical works, all within the sphere of interest of the organization.

Board Members

Gabriel Colobatiu – President

Bogdan Bulgaria – Vicepresident
email :;

Calin Bailuc – membru CD
email :